Bausch + Lomb: Biotrue™ Multi-purpose Solution

Biotrue™ matches the pH of healthy tears

Eyes that are healthy continually create the perfect environment. That's why Biotrue™ is uniquely formulated to match the pH of healthy tears – maintaining the eye's natural condition and enabling optimal activation of our dual disinfectants.

81% of patients say Biotrue™ feels like their natural tears.

Solution Optimization and the Physical Properties of Healthy Human Tears

A multi-purpose solution that exhibits the properties of normal human tears would be ideal.

By Ami Abel Epstein, OD

Multipurpose solution (MPS) products for contact lens care have come a long way over lens care regimens requiring two or more products or steps. This can be attributed to various factors including convenience, simplicity, cost efficiency, safety, and efficacy. The main functions of a contact lens care solution are to clean the lens by removing proteins and lipids deposited by the tear film, to disinfect the lens, and to make lens wear as comfortable as possible.

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1 Results from a pH comparison study of three separate lots of Biotrue, CIBA Clear Care, AMO COMPLETE Easy Rub, Alcon OPTI-FREE Express, and Alcon OPTI-FREE RepleniSH. The pH of the test solutions was determined using a Fisher Scientific accumet excel XL25 pH meter. Five pH measurements for each solution were taken, averaged, and evaluated in comparison to the pH range of healthy tears, as determined by Adler's Physiology of the Eye, Clinincal Application. C.V. Mosby Company, 1981, as well as the mean pH of tears as determined by Yamada M. et al. Current Eye Research, 1997; 16:5, 482-486.

2 Results from a clinical trial in which a total of 291 subjects were enrolled wearing a range of marketed soft contact lenses and using various soft contact lens care products. Subjects were dispensed Biotrue™ and participated in CAWI (Computer Aided Web Interviewing) between day 7 and day 11 of the clinical trial. Subject responses were measured using a six-point Likert Scale in which 1 = strongly disagree and 6 = strongly agree. Results represent reported percentage agreement ratings.