Bausch + Lomb: Biotrue™ Multi-purpose Solution

Biotrue™ keeps certain beneficial tear proteins active as they are naturally in the eye

Keeps tear proteins active

In the eye, proteins such as lysozyme and lactoferrin can be found in two states (native and denatured):
  • Certain proteins in their native states act as the eye's inborn germ-fighters, carrying out antimicrobial activity on their own.
  • Proteins that are denatured have lost their structure due to factors such as external stresses.

Biotrue™ is specifically formulated to keep native proteins active longer. It lifts and dissolves denatured proteins.

During disinfection, Biotrue™ surrounds and protects lysozyme to:
  • Maintain its natural antimicrobial activity.
  • Prevent denaturation.
90% of patients say Biotrue™ keeps their lenses feeling clean throughout the day.

Tear Film Proteins: Examining Production, Role and Interaction With Contact Lenses

The accumulation of tear film proteins historically have been viewed negatively, but instead of working to remove these proteins from contact lenses, perhaps we should consider maintaining them in their natural state.

By Philip Morgan, PhD

Hydrogel contact lenses have been used by millions of patients since their introduction nearly 40 years ago. Over time, multiple improvements in lens design have enabled more types of vision disorders to be corrected, and the development of new materials has led to increased comfort, which in turn allows patients to wear their lenses for longer periods of time. But the relationship between the eyes, the tear film and contact lenses and lens care solutions has not always been a harmonious one.

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1 Results of in vitro study evaluating the ability of various multi-purpose solutions (Biotrue, AMO COMPLETE Easy Rub, Alcon OPTI-FREE Express, and Alcon OPTI-FREE RepleniSH) to stabilize lysozyme in the native form under chemical denaturation conditions that typically denature lysozyme. Solutions containing lysozyme were exposed to sodium dodecyl sulfate. Subsequently, activity against Micrococcus luteus was evaluated to assess the ability of solutions to protect lysozyme. Clear Care results from separate in vitro study performed following identical test procedures.

2 Results from a 14-investigator, multi-site clinical study in which a total of 361 subjects were enrolled wearing silicone hydrogel lenses (Bausch + Lomb PureVision® contact lenses, Vistakon ACUVUE Oasys and CIBA O 2 OPTIX or CIBA Night & Day). Subjects were randomly dispenses Biotrue™ or OPTI-FREE RepleniSH at an approximately equal ratio. Upon study completion (two weeks) assessments were measured using a six-point Likert Scale in which 1 = strongly disagree and 6 = strongly agree. Results represent reported percentage agreement ratings.