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Solution Optimization and the Physical Properties of Healthy Tears

A multi-purpose solution that exhibits the properties of human tears would be ideal.

By Ami Abel Epstein, OD

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Hyaluronan: A Review of Its Properties, Ophthalmic Uses and Research

Hyaluronan, which is found throughout the body, may have a protective effect against oxidative damage to cells.

By Marjorie Rah, OD, PhD

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Tear Film Proteins: Examining Production, Role and Interaction With Contact Lenses

The accumulation of tear film proteins historically have been viewed negatively, but instead of working to remove these proteins from contact lenses, perhaps we should consider maintaining them in their natural state.

By Philip Morgan, PhD

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Connecting With the Conscious Consumer

Products inspired by nature are appealing to consumers who have an eye on natural health and wellness.

By Cynthia R. Jasper, PhD

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An Introduction to Bio-Inspired Design

Nature’s inspiration may help scientists find solutions to technological, biomedical or industrial challenges.

By Pete Vukusic, PhD

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